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Films Featuring Joyce Michaud

Hand Thrown Image Hand Thrown: East Asian Wedged Coil Technique
Hand Thrown, a Holden Brothers film, provides instruction on the East Asian Wedged Coil technique by master artist Joyce Michaud. East Asian Wedged Coil combines coil technique with the potter's wheel concepts, providing the greatest wet structural strength for clay sculpture. Joyce has taught this valuable hand building technique for the construction of asymmetrical forms around the world.

The film premiered on March 18, 2010 at Hand Thrown: East Asian Wedged Coil, an exhibition of work by Joyce Michaud and others using the East Asian Wedged coil technique.
Rouse Company Foundation Gallery, Columbia, MD

Hand Thrown and is now available for purchase for $59.95. Please view the introduction or contact for details or to place an order. Check and credit card payments accepted.

A Delicate Balance, The Life and Art of Joyce Michaud
A Delicate Balance, a Holden Brothers film, provides a documentary of the life of master artist Joyce Michaud.

The film screened on March 28, 2010 at Hand Thrown: The Fine Art of Pinched and Coiled Ceramics, an exhibition of contemporary ceramic arts by Joyce Michaud and others in the Fulton Decorative Arts Gallery at The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, MD.

Articles Featuring Joyce Michaud

Articles Written by Joyce Michaud

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